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Family mediation services - to help you move on after separation.


When a family separates you have to make decisions about arrangements for the children and your money.

Mediation can help you make practical arrangements. It can also help you decide how to communicate better in the future.

The more we learn about how children cope with family breakdown the more we understand that they cope better when their children are able to put their differences aside and not involve them in adult disagreements. They adjust better when they are able to see that their parents support their new routine and are happy with it. If you can find arrangements which work for you then you can agree on a Parenting Plan as a written record of the arrangements you feel meet the needs of your family.

Legal proceedings involving finances can be lengthy and expensive. Within mediation you will need to provide your financial information to ensure that you have all of the information you need to start making decisions about your future. Then you can explore the options available for you both to move on.

The outcome of mediation is not, itself, legally binding. Only a court can make a legally binding order. It is important where finances are concerned your arrangements are turned into a court order. You can do the same for the arrangements you make for your children if that is what you want. This can be done by you, yourself, or with the help of lawyers. However, it is always sensible to seek legal advise where your finances are concerned.




How are the children going to spend time with both parents? What arrangements suit your family? How are you going to communicate about important things such as school or medical needs? What will happen at Christmas, birthdays or school holidays? What if (or when) new partners become involved? What about child maintenance? All of these things can be difficult to decide at a time when emotions are running high and it can be hard to talk. Sometimes you manage to make arrangements which work for a time but then need to be changed and that proves complicated. The sooner you start talking the better. Grandparents, aunts and uncles can feel left out.



Whether you have been married, living together or in a civil partnership most couples will have a level of shared finances. It may be that you jointly own a house or investments or even have joint debts. These need to be sorted out so that you can move on with your life.



Legal aid  (now known as legal aid) is still available for mediation if you are eligible financially. If you think that you might qualify then we can help you with the online calculator. Unfortunately FootSteps does not have a contract to undertake legally aided mediation, but we can help you find a service which does. Or you can look online for yourself either at the Family Mediation Council or using Find Mediation.



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